B L O O D M O R O N #1 

 B L O O D M O R O N D O N E

Blood Moron is a zine featuring photos and interviews with my friends: Hunter Shaw, Drew Schwemer, Dillon Tulk, Eric Wood, Shaun Dean and Nina Hartmann. 

When Mindless went on tour, every day I would wake up with mucus dripping from my nasal cavities. Other than that it was pretty much perfect. Thank you to all the humans I met on the west side of America. Recordings for the upcoming releases are still unfinished. I hope to finish the vocals this month. Bloody gums and tooth aches are promised to not hinder the process as they should. I don't care if all my teeth crumble and fall, really. Speaking of, I did chip my tooth in the process of spitting at The Blvd in LA. I guess crumbling is not as far fetched of an idea. 

I don't talk much about Askela, only because we don't have our first official release out yet. I feel no need to mention something I have nothing to show for. That should change shortly... hopefully when Shaw returns from California we will piece together the sounds.

Askela played with Black Bloc the day after I returned from tour with Mindless. He was angry and ugly. I was tired and sick. I liked it. 

I'm pretty sure my stomach lining with start bleeding out from all the ibuprofen i've been taking for my tooth. Oh well.

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